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Real Talk Case Study: Transforming Retail with Blockchain and AI: The Libera Global AI Story


An interview with Libera Global AI

Libera Global AI is at the cutting edge of utilizing AI, blockchain, and knowledge graphs to revolutionize the retail landscape in emerging markets. We sat down with its founder, Max Ward, to delve into the mission, impact, and innovations driving Libera Global AI forward.


Could you briefly describe Libera Global AI?

Libera Global AI is a pioneering technology company that leverages AI, blockchain, and knowledge graphs to revolutionize the retail landscape in emerging markets. Our platform aims to empower small merchants with AI-powered tools and incentivize data sharing, unlocking valuable insights and opportunities for small merchants, major brands, and consumers alike.

Our primary mission is to create a transparent, inclusive, and sustainable retail ecosystem in emerging markets by incentivizing data sharing and empowering small merchants with AI-powered tools. Our goal is to digitize and connect millions of small stores, unlocking economic opportunities and driving positive social impact through data-driven insights.

What are the key social or environmental impacts of Libera Global AI?

Libera Global AI is driving significant social impact by fostering financial inclusion and empowering small merchants. Key social impacts include:

  • Financial Inclusion: By providing micro-incentives and unlocking valuable insights, we foster financial inclusion, economic growth, and access to better capital for small merchants in emerging markets.
  • Empowerment of Small Merchants: Our AI-powered tools help small merchants optimize their operations, boost profits, and make data-driven decisions, ultimately improving their livelihoods and supporting local economies.
  • Transparent and Inclusive Ecosystem: We create a transparent, inclusive, and sustainable retail ecosystem that benefits all participants, from small merchants to major brands and consumers.

We measure our impact through various metrics, such as the number of small merchants onboarded, the increase in their profits and efficiency, the volume of data shared and transactions processed, and the overall growth of the retail ecosystem in the regions we operate.

Can you share a story about how Libera Global AI has positively impacted someone’s life or a community?

Libera employs the ‘Theory of Change’ framework to drive social impact in the lives of nano-merchants by creating and enhancing income streams through innovative data monetization strategies. By collecting and selling data from nano-merchants to up to 400 consumer goods brands in large markets such as Indonesia, Libera facilitates significant revenue generation for these small business owners. Additionally, this data is sold to Fintech companies, banks, NGOs, and other entities, further diversifying the merchants’ income sources. The data is tokenized, ensuring a secure and transparent income flow for the merchants.

Beyond direct financial benefits, the insights derived from this data enable Libera to offer tailored product recommendations and access to advantageous deals, which help nano-merchants to increase their earnings by stocking fast-selling products. This comprehensive approach not only provides immediate financial uplift but also promotes sustainable growth and improved livelihoods for nano-merchants. The average take-home monthly income for a family of five can be raised from $250 to $500 in many countries.

What cool tech does Libera Global AI use to power its magic?

Libera Global AI’s platform is powered by a unique combination of cutting-edge technologies:

  • Knowledge Graph AI: Our Knowledge Graph AI technology combines diverse data sources to create a comprehensive view of the retail ecosystem, enabling personalized recommendations, real-time decision support, and predictive insights.
  • Blockchain: We leverage blockchain technology to ensure secure and transparent data sharing, enabling a trusted ecosystem that benefits all stakeholders.
  • AI-powered tools: Our AI-powered platform uses large language models and graph retrieval and reasoning to allow small merchants to query the system using natural language, making advanced analytics accessible to non-technical users.

What are the standout features or awesome innovations that make Libera Global AI unique?

Standout features of Libera Global AI include:

  • Micro-incentive System: We reward small merchants for sharing their data, creating a fair and transparent data ecosystem.
  • Scalability and Adaptability: Our modular architecture allows the platform to scale and adapt to various market demands and retail environments effectively.
  • Localized Solutions: Our AI models are tailored to regional consumer behavior and market dynamics, ensuring relevance and accuracy.

What have been the biggest twists and turns in Libera Global AI’s journey so far, and what exciting opportunities and launches can we expect in the next year?

Our journey has been full of exciting twists and turns. Initially, we started the company to focus on ‘Supply Chain AI’ in large markets such as Indonesia. We were heavily impacted by COVID-19, which forced us to leave Indonesia, but this challenge revealed a significant business problem: the lack of retail sales data for large brands, as much of their sales occur offline and via small merchants.

We developed an MVP with funding from Animoca before the Crypto Winter and were subsequently impacted by both the market change and the Ukraine war. Despite these challenges, our strong purpose has helped us withstand various obstacles.

Why did you choose to join the Blockchain for Good Alliance, and how have you benefited from it?

We chose to join the Blockchain for Good Alliance because our values align on using blockchain technology and AI for good. The Alliance aims to democratize data sharing, much like us, and is committed to long-term impact over short-term gains.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their own blockchain project for social good?

It is crucial to study the ‘Theory of Change’ framework used by non-profits and impact organizations to measure their ability to make a positive change in the world, beyond profit. Merging impact and core business principles can be challenging, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and is often an end in itself.

How can others get involved or support your mission?

There are many ways to get involved and support our mission. Follow our social channels and join us on our journey. Support us through community engagement ideas, partnerships, investments, or by considering us for upcoming events. We are a small team on a big mission and need more people to spread the word and support us.

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