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Real Talk Case Study: How Fizen.io is Bridging the Gap Between Cryptocurrency and Real-World Application


An Interview with Fizen.io

Fizen.io is pioneering the integration of cryptocurrency into everyday transactions, making it easier for crypto holders to spend their assets. We sat down with founder Leo Vu to discuss the mission, impact, and innovations that define Fizen.io.


Could you briefly describe Fizen.io?

Fizen.io offers crypto payment solutions that enable 400 million crypto holders to spend their digital assets globally. Our platform bridges the gap between the potential of cryptocurrency and its practical application, transforming crypto into a versatile and efficient tool for daily transactions. This is especially beneficial for travelers, digital nomads, and crypto enthusiasts who want to seamlessly integrate crypto into their everyday lives.

Our key product, the Fizen Super App, not only manages digital assets securely but also allows users to spend cryptocurrency conveniently. From USDt real-time off-ramp QR transactions in Southeast Asia to a vast selection of gift cards, airline tickets, and hotel bookings, Fizen.io makes crypto spending accessible and straightforward.

What is the primary mission or goal of your project?

Our vision is to merge traditional finance with decentralized alternatives, creating a more inclusive financial ecosystem. Fizen.io aims to be the go-to platform for crypto enthusiasts when they think about spending their assets. By providing user-friendly interfaces and comprehensive shopping tools, we empower individuals to have greater control over their financial destinies.

What are the key social or environmental impacts of Fizen.io?

Fizen.io is making significant strides in promoting the practical use of cryptocurrency, which in turn enhances financial literacy and inclusion. Key impacts include:

  • Daily Active Users: We have about 20,000 active users who utilize our app for shopping and traveling with crypto.
  • Crypto Wallets: Over 350,000 crypto wallets have been created through our platform.
  • User Sentiment: More than 300 amazing user-generated videos and creative content pieces are buzzing across social platforms.

By turning everyday actions like buying coffee or booking hotels into opportunities for learning and engagement, Fizen.io demystifies the decentralized world. Our non-custodial wallet model ensures that users retain control over their assets, promoting security and adherence to the ethos of decentralization.

Can you share a story about how Fizen.io has positively impacted someone’s life or a community?

With over 200,000 users enjoying the convenience of shopping with crypto, Fizen.io has simplified the process to a few taps on a smartphone. Users can buy a coffee or book a hotel room using cryptocurrency, making digital assets more tangible in daily life. This accessibility has empowered users to become active participants in the DeFi ecosystem, enhancing their financial literacy and engagement.

To see more stories and user experiences, check out our user videos. These videos highlight real-life examples of how our platform is transforming lives.

What cool tech does Fizen.io use to power its magic?

Fizen.io leverages several advanced technologies to facilitate its operations:

  • Fizen Super App: A comprehensive app for buying, holding, saving, spending, and investing crypto.
  • FiPoint Cashback: Users earn cashback on transactions.
  • Fizen Pay: A payment gateway for accepting cryptocurrency payments and converting them to fiat anywhere in the world.
  • Fizen RWA (beta): A tokenization platform & marketplace for #RWA.

What have been the biggest twists and turns in Fizen.io’s journey so far, and what exciting opportunities and launches can we expect in the next year?

Our journey has been marked by significant milestones and challenges. Initially funded by strategic investors, we successfully raised substantial capital and expanded our user base.

Major achievements include:

  • Fundraising: Completed a seed token sale funding round, raising 480,000 USDT in Q1/2024, and attracted an additional 700,000 USDT from co-founders and strategic investors like Sotatek, VNext, and Tomochain (now Viction). We are completing the VC rounds (disclosing soon).
  • Partners & Collaborations: 40+ prestigious partners and collaborations with Tether, TON, Binance, Bitcoin.com, Google, and many other Web3 Projects and traditional businesses. Fizen has also collaborated with Tether to initiate Tour de USDt in Vietnam.

Exciting future opportunities include:

  • NFT Sale: Revenue-sharing NFT sale in July 2024.
  • IDO: Fizen.io's token ($FIZEN) is planned for IDO & listed on top CEXes in September 2024.
  • Fizen Grant Program: A grant will be offered to all the projects that integrate into the Fizen platform to extend our RWU ecosystem.

Why did you choose to join the Blockchain for Good Alliance, and how have you benefited from it?

Joining the Blockchain for Good Alliance (BGA) was a pivotal moment for Fizen, driven by a shared vision for innovation. We first learned about BGA through a trusted friend who was already a member. As we explored further, it became clear that our mission to integrate blockchain into everyday life aligned perfectly with BGA's goal of promoting blockchain mass adoption.

Our solutions, such as seamless QR code payments and user-friendly interfaces, make blockchain accessible to everyone, safeguarding users from phishing scams or attacks. This approach resonated with BGA's mission.

Being part of BGA has been incredibly beneficial. We've gained access to a network of like-minded innovators, collaborative opportunities, and valuable resources. The support and guidance from BGA have accelerated our growth and helped refine our solutions, expanding our reach.

Moreover, BGA has amplified our impact, validating our vision and empowering us to push the boundaries of blockchain technology. Our partnership with BGA propels both Fizen and the broader blockchain community toward a future where blockchain is an integral part of everyday life.

What advice would you give to someone looking to start their blockchain project for social good?

We advise starting with a clear mission and aligning closely with communities and potential investors and partners. Emphasize transparency, security, and scalability in your technological approach, and actively seek partnerships with organizations that share your vision. Lastly, prioritize continuous learning and adaptation to effectively navigate the evolving landscape of blockchain technology and social impact initiatives.

How can others get involved or support your mission?

There are several ways to get involved:

  • Join Our Platform: Download Fizen Super App for cross-border shopping with crypto and getting FiPoint cashback.
  • Join Our Community: Follow our X and join our Telegram and Discord Community.
  • Be Our Exclusive NFT holders: Fizen OG NFT Sale with revenue sharing is launching this July 2024! Whitelisted slots only—don’t miss your chance!
  • Join Our Grant Program: A grant will be offered to all the Web3 projects that integrate into the Fizen platform to extend our RWU ecosystem. This grant is open to developers and projects looking to integrate their tokens, blockchain technology, or other innovative solutions into the Fizen Super App, enhancing its functionality and user experience.

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