Tuesday, 23 July


Uniting Blockchain and Social Good


GM BGA community,

We’re excited to share updates on our journey to leverage blockchain for social impact.

At Blockchain for Good, our mission is to harness the power of blockchain to address real-world problems and support the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

Here’s a recap of our recent activities and future plans.


Our Vision

Blockchain for Good is a pioneering initiative with a clear mission to leverage blockchain technology for social impact. Through collaborative efforts, educational initiatives, and a structured support system, we aim to address some of the most pressing global issues.

Our vision at Blockchain for Good is to bridge the gap between Web2 and Web3 technologies to support projects that can make a significant impact. We’re not just about tech for tech’s sake — we’re about tech for good.

We want to harness the power of blockchain to contribute to social good, whether it’s through financial inclusion, environmental sustainability, or social equity.

Key Areas of Focus

Hackathons and Demo Days

One of our key strategies is to foster innovation through hackathons and demo days.

But rather than hosting our own events, we partner with existing hackathons to include a special “Blockchain for Good” track. This approach allows us to tap into a broader pool of talent and ideas. Winners from these tracks will be invited to an exclusive BGA finale hackathon in Q4 2024, which we like to call the “Web3 Oscars.”

This ensures a continuous flow of innovative projects aligned with our mission.

Educational Initiatives

Education is at the heart of what we do.

We’re developing comprehensive courseware to be used in hackathons and other educational events. By collaborating with partners and experts, we aim to create educational materials that build knowledge in blockchain technology and its applications for social good.

Recent Developments

Since our launch on April 15 at Token2049 in Dubai, we’ve made some significant strides.

We’ve been featured on Cointelegraph and 33 other media publications, and onboarded more than 36 partners who share our vision and are ready to make a difference.

This momentum is just the beginning, and we’re excited about the journey ahead.

BGA Steering Committee and Their Roles

To streamline our efforts and ensure effective implementation, we’ve established the BGA Steering Committee, each segment with specific responsibilities. Here’s a quick overview:


Led by Buzhidao and Freya from Moledao, our hackathon segment focuses on organizing and supporting hackathons.

Their role is crucial in engaging the community and fostering innovation through these events.


The funding segment, led by Harn from Trigger Capital and Coco from Moledao, manages the Web3KeyFund.

This fund supports hackathon prizes, startups, and impactful projects, emphasizing corporate social responsibility and ESG work.

Project and Incubation

Phoebe from Bybit and Aidana from Haya Venture Studios lead our project and incubation segment.

They provide light incubation support and refer projects for deeper incubation with our partners. Our goal is to incubate three intensive projects and ten moderate projects annually.


Led by Mickey from Bitcoin.com and Felicia from Moledao, the marketing segment is responsible for promoting our initiative and driving community awareness.

They engage with media outlets and use various marketing channels to spread the word about Blockchain for Good.


The Partnership segment, led by Yun Han and Coco from Moledao, focuses on establishing and nurturing relationships with key partners.

They facilitate collaborations and work to expand our network to include both traditional and Web3 organizations.

We recently held our BGA partner assembly, bringing together all members of the steering committee for the first time. Take a look at our Gather Town space:

Current Projects

Light Incubation Projects

Right now, we have two projects under light incubation:

  • Libera: This project uses AI and blockchain to redefine retail in emerging markets.
  • Edu3Labs: Focused on education, Edu3Labs leverages blockchain technology to facilitate crypto payments and business transactions.

We’re actively seeking experts and resources to join our incubation and project committees to provide knowledge and support.

Proposed Events

There are several upcoming events where we’ll be showcasing our initiatives and fostering collaboration:

  • Istanbul Blockchain Week: August 13–14, Istanbul, Turkey
  • UN General Assembly: September 10–24, NYC, USA
  • Le Petit Prince Foundation at the Louvre: End of September, Paris, France
  • UN Climate Conference COP29: November 11–22, Baku, Azerbaijan

Next Steps

As we move forward, here are some of our immediate next steps:

Hackathon Preparation

We’re finalizing the details and logistics for our upcoming hackathons and ensuring our educational courseware is ready.

Funding Allocation

We’re allocating funds to support hackathon prizes and project initiatives. Additionally, we’re identifying potential projects for funding and incubation and looking for more partners to join our funding committee.

Incubation Support

We’re conducting interviews and assessments for ongoing and upcoming projects, providing light incubation support, and referring projects for deeper incubation with our partners.

Collaboration and Partnerships

We’re inviting more like-minded partners to join BGA and help us co-build different segments of our initiative.

Communication and Outreach

We’re sharing meeting highlights and next steps on social media and other communication channels to keep our community informed about progress and upcoming events. Our goal is to have a BGA Partner Assembly once a month to share key updates and explore cross-segment synergies.

Our journey has just begun, and with the continued support of our partners and the broader community, we have the potential to create a lasting positive impact.

Join us in this journey to create a sustainable and equitable future. For more information and to get involved, visit our BGA Website, follow us on Twitter, or connect with us on LinkedIn.

You can also fill out our Partner Sign-Up Form to join the movement.